3 hottest arcade dance machine

The arcade dance machine became more and more popular in recent years. In initial time, it is only accessible for advanced or at least good dancers to play. In this case, many tourists will get discouraged soon after their first try or even fear to have a try. Considering this awkward situation, it now has developed a perfect level-up system that enables everyone to join in dancing. In the internet, you can always see short videos about dancing performed by kids, youth, or even old men. It can always live up to an individual’s expectation with cool and graceful tunes. Next, I will show you three hot types of arcade dance machine that are popular among many play centers.

Hero Arcade Dance Base Dancing Game Machine

  • Visual effects: This kind of machine has 55 inches built-in HD monitor so that it can provide dancers with a great visual effect. Also, the LCD will give a vivid and concrete display.
  • Perfect Design: Our designing team has melted many hot elements into the design so that it has a really fashion appearance. Except for this, it is also delicately decorated with colorful LED, which makes it more attractive.
  • Wonderful music: We have thousands of coo pop music tunes available and you can choose those you want play out. 

How to play

We have different types, some of which start with coins while some start with a card. That does not matter. When the machine starts to work, you need use the foot pedal to enter the game. Then, you will have to choose the level by sending signals to the sensor with your hands. The last step is to choose one of your favorite songs to get a real start.

Amusement Arcade Dance Machine


  • Sound effect: We have employed the world’s best audio equipment to Provide a great sound effect while playing music. Also, we use high-quality electric drum to make a greater sound effect.
  • Luxury appearance: Our dance machines all have luxury appearances that can perfectly work with many amusement places.

How to play

After it received your coins, it will begin to work. Then, you are supposed to select a piece of song as an accompaniment. Next, you just need to slip your feet and wave your hands according to the instructions shown on screen. You can dance with your friend at the same time to get more fun.

Little Pianist Arcade Dance Machine


Generally, this kind of arcade dance machine is quietly suitable for little child. It has an adorable appearance, as well as a simple playing method so that the child can play it easily. The most powerful part will be the multi-button controller, which can be used by a child and parents together so that parents can offer help to their little ones.

How to play

It is a type of small piano game machine that you will just need to use your hands to produce tunes. It has six simulated piano keys that are all what the player can use to play tunes. Feeling the pace of tunes and rhythmically press down lighted-up keys.

Usually, people can get more than fun from those arcade dance machine. For example, the newly-wed will learn to dance if they often play with this king of machine. If you are a business owner, you should fill you park with these arcade machines to invite more fun to your site.

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