Get different excitement through Super Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard and Bowling Machine

In those arcade game centers, there will be all kinds of arcade game machines that each of which can help you to experience different games. In other words, you can find out many multi-game arcade game machines there. The Super Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard and Bowling Machine is just this kind of game machine that allows you to play shuffleboard game and bowling game with the same machine. The super shuffle is developed and published in recent years and it has received a strong feedback both from those park owners and players, both of whom said this is really a multi-fun game machine. Then, let’s go through following introducing information to know its magical power.

What are the features of Super Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard and Bowling Machine?

The Super Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard and Bowling Machine brings the latest innovation to the shuffleboard video game history. With this machine, you can easily get excitement of shuffleboard and bowling with a little expense on waxing tables. The whole game machine consists of a wooden table, to which a bright LCD widescreen is attached. Stretching out from the top of the LCD screen, there is a markable electric scoring board. The whole machine measures up 5.5 meters long so that it can be placed almost anywhere you can imagine. Because it can offer various teams or league play, this game machine can serve from 1 to 4 players at a time. Moving your eyes up from the table surface, you can see a large, bright LCD Widescreen that can present you colorful playfield that is almost the same as a realistic one. While playing the game, the top scoring board can help automatedly record your score so that it can guarantee that there are no miss-scores or cheating behaviors.

A large variety of video games available

The super shuffle comes with seven types of great shuffleboard and bowling games, which can offer different ways for those players who are seeking for different excitement. Normally, you can play Split Secord Bowling, Classic Bowling, Crazy Shuffle, First To 21, Leader of The Puck, Knock Off 15, and Knock Off 11. As for play models, there will be league play, casual play, and tournament play. While playing those games, players need to launch a real-life puck across an abbreviated play field. At the same time, a built-in sensor will track the puck’s trajectory and speed and projects this scene onto the flat screen via a virtual puck. While playing “casual play”, 1 or 4 players will be required to start and the absent player will be replaced by computer. For tournament play, there will be 4 to 8 players playing single or double elimination matches under a single or “2 out of 3” modes. Also, “luck of the draw” mode is available in tournament play. The last league play is available with split second bowling, classic bowling, crazy shuffle, knock of 15, and knock off 11. As a multifunctional arcade game machine, the Super Shuffle Virtual Shuffleboard and Bowling Machine has brought endless fun to those visitors and unexpectable profits to park owners. With this powerful game machine, you will be able to experience different excitement at one location.

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