Hottest DC Superheroes card/token redemption game machine

DC Superheroes Card/Token Redemption Game Machine is one of the newest kinds of arcade game machine that has received a big welcome among all the amusement arcade. In the markets, there are all kinds of redemption game machine now, which can run different redemption games to get people’s attention. In fact, it seems that people will never get tired of arcade games in redemption kind, which just give them a similar feeling as gambling. In order to provide players continuous fun, we have been focusing on innovation of our redemption game machine. As a result, we have recently pushed out the DC Superheroes Card Token Redemption Game Machine that can give the player a different redemption feeling and experience.

About the DC Superheroes Card Token Redemption Game Machine

Equipped with the latest technology, DC Superheroes Card Token Redemption Game machine can provide the highest earning redemption games for every player. The four different sides of the striking cabinet are painted with instantly recognizable, attractive DC comic characters that are welcomed by every DC fan. Batman, Superman, and Wonder man all are publicly welcomed superheroes that are deeply loved by those DC fans. The upper and the bottom of the machine is made of plastic material that is very convenient for painting and cleaning. The whole structure stand with a steel frame that can work lastingly and steadily. The middle part of the machine features a cube, of which three sides are made of glass window that is designed for an easy and full viewing. Viewing from the front of the machine, you can see a rotatable wheel clearly that are settled up inside the cube. The rotatable wheel is considered to be the major part that makes this a redemption game machine.

How to play?

The DC Superheroes Card Token Redemption Game Machine is a special kind of redemption game machine that has combined token with card pusher redemption piece. To start the game, the player needs to press down the “SHOOT” button so that the inner wheel will begin to rotate automatically. At the same time, the machine will drop tokens though the “Peg Maze”. If your time is all right, you will get tokens through the “Bonus Drop” area where the “bonus spinner” will stop above it. Also, the “bonus spinner” will drop cards or bonus tokens onto that playfield for players to collect. During the game, the player has to try to knock off the tray to get more points by collecting hero cards. Usually, there will be 7 types of hero cards include Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and The Flash. People who have seen the revengers 4 must be very familiar with these terms. Except for this kind of card, there are also 7 types of villain cards like The Joker, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Cheetah, and The Penguin. These cards will certainly pose a great temptation to those DC fans.

As a new redemption game machine, the DC Superheroes card/token redemption game machine is proved to be a hot spot in the arcade game center. The game itself, together with those cards have successfully inspired their interests.

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