How to promote your VR project

Imagine that you put a lot of passion into creating your own virtual reality project, don’t you want a lot of people to see it and interact with it?  However, he did not want his short film to be a university project, but to be shared with the world.

The interactive short film, called “flying into the sky,” documents the motivation of a paraglider, an aerobatic pilot and a paratrooper to risk their lives for a breathtaking flight. Audiences can experience exercises a very realistic way to communicate with them, decide they want to experience perspective. The whole process is easy and exciting, just like you are playing in the indoor playground.

After completing his document, Julian looked for ways to promote it so that more people could see it. To make it easier for you to decide which channels to use to reach as many viewers as possible with your VR project, we’ve created a list with 4 possibilities that can easily facilitate your VR experience.

1. Social networks? Yes!

In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to present your work on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. These networks allow you to share your content with a wider audience, and by allowing your users to interact with your posts, your message will spread further. At the same time, you can participate in the community and get feedback from your users easily.

Keep in mind that social media channels only play 360° straight video content, no interaction. To create a video or screenshot of your interactive 360° project, upload it to social media, and link to the immersive experience via the title.

2.Your own Virtual Reality App

Virtual Reality App

The advantage of a branded VR app that only includes your content is that users aren’t distracted by third-party content, and you can push people to use it by promoting the app, for example by installing app ads on Facebook.

If a branded VR application is not a sensible choice, a VR direct application may be the best approach.

3.Competitions and other collaborations

Build awareness for your project through innovation competitions. Entering a competition can help your work be seen by more people and reach an audience that you would normally not be able to reach. Find the best match for your theme and a contest with a good reputation.

Another way to expand your audience is media companies and blogs. In Julian’s case, the famous newspaper published an article about the sky. In addition, Julian displayed his work in an exhibition of his university work. In addition, the skydiving school he worked with posted the AD on its social media network and generated a lot of traffic.

4.Word of mouth

Talk about your virtual reality project! Word of mouth may not have the biggest impact on you, but recommendations from business partners, friends or family are still the most reliable source of information. People are more likely to talk about something from credible sources because it indicates credibility. Word of mouth is a free form of advertising or promotion shared by customers. Its role is to build a positive fan base and encourage people to spread more information about your project.

Now you are ready to promote your virtual reality project. If you haven’t started yet but want to create your own interactive VR project, start your free trial today or schedule a call with our experts to learn more about your own VR project.

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