Three Main Ways to Make More Money for Your Indoor Playground

Here are three main areas you can choose to focus on to make more money for your indoor playground.


A lot of indoor game spaces function primarily as a retail toy store with online and personal sales. The happy lark is a good example. The function of indoor game space is to facilitate and attract buyers to their stores. Once the host lets family members into the game space, she hopes that her excellent customer service and unique choice of toys will make her the first choice for toy and gifts shopping.

Her easy-to-use online and stylish website sales platform certainly does this, and you can easily see that this is a key point. Even if you are not a local, you can browse and buy the company’s unique, carefully selected clothes and toys.

Birthday Party

This is the main source of revenue we choose in our business. Through word-of-mouth marketing sales (we use it strategically) and social media, we become the preferred destination for birthday parties in the region for aged 3 and under. The families are willing to drive 60 miles to our facility to celebrate.

This is because I have studied the competition in this field and made our packaging design and flexible truly unique. We have enough time to customize each package and directly contact with each client because we consider it a priority. None of our competitors have gone that far.

In addition, I designed our whole facility for families with children. For example, there are an average of ten children but fifty adults per first birthday party. As a result, our facilities can not only accommodate a lot of adult gatherings, but also have our mini bar and comfortable lounge, adults often say they like our facilities as much as children.

Open Play

If you have a large facility that can accommodate a lot of children or families at a time, you can choose to fill up your indoor playground every day. The way you can do this is to become a popular field trip destination, and offering special prices for mothers, or participating in the homeschooling community to provide them with a unique educational experience. Most homeschooling groups have their budgets and they will allocate some of them to field visits and opportunities for a wealth of experience.

This is a model that most owners think is the “right” option. However, unless you have a large capacity and a center between big cities, this may put you in danger of shutting down quickly.

In fact, focusing only on open play will make your business the most seasonal of all choices, so it is most likely to generate volatile revenue. Of course, there will be huge amounts of income for a few months, but there will also be a few months when it will be difficult for people to come in and be forced to increase other sources of income.

One of the successful methods I have seen is the membership model of indoor games. This means that membership is the main concern, and some indoor playgrounds are open only to members. Visit New York City or any other densely populated urban area, then you will find that a few indoor playgrounds have successfully utilized this model.

Under this model, members pay a fixed monthly fee and are bound by contracts that prevent them from being suddenly cancelled. As long as you have enough population and marketing power to maintain a steady stream of new members, you should definitely consider removing some seasonal factors from your business.

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